distance education

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dis·tance ed·u·ca·tion

(dis'tăns ej'yū-kā'shŭn)
Planned learning pursued in a place other than where the instruction is offered, using the Internet.

distance education

A formalized teaching system to disseminate knowledge between teachers and students who are separated in space (location), time, or both.
Synonym: distance learning
See also: education
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54 million students attend distance university programs.
Colombia's National Open and Distance University (Unad) is doing something of the sort.
The author credits some contributors, but he has essentially shaped the whole presentation, which is based on almost two decades of work at the LICEF research center at Tele-universite, Canada's oldest distance university.
He was an instructor in Theology as well as Chaplain for one of SSMTC's affiliates, the cyberspace based at Regina Coeli Academy (RCA), and a member of the faculty of the Catholic Distance University (CDU) in Hamilton, VA.
This fall she wants to study psychology through distance university education, which she hopes will lead to a counselling career in her community.

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