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A reaction involving a single substance but producing two products; for example, two molecules of acetaldehyde may react, producing an oxidation product (acetic acid) and a reduction product (ethyl alcohol).
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2-], (2) disproportionation to HS and sulfate, (3) and to S(0) and sulfite.
The general mechanism of the radical polymerization of fluorinated monomers includes six elementary reactions (table 1): (1) the initiation by the homolytic cleavage of a molecule with low thermal stability (usually a peroxide); (2) the chain propagation; (3) the chain transfer to monomer; (4) the chain transfer to polymer; (5) the terminal double bond reaction; and (6) the bimolecular termination (through disproportionation or combination) (ref.
One problem that arose during analysis was that this compound and its derivatives undergo a phenomenon that appears to be a disproportionation reaction.
This broad distribution is due to undesirable termination reactions such as disproportionation, combination, and chain transfer.
They are bubble formation, drainage, coalescence and disproportionation.
PxMax is ExxonMobil's State-of-the-Art Technology for Selective Toluene Disproportionation
Table 1 includes all the reactions for initiation, propagation, termination by combination as well as disproportionation, and chain transfer to monomer.
Furthermore, use of proton pump inhibitors can decrease the acid secretions in the stomach, thereby affecting the acidic disproportionation of nitrite to NO.
Table 27: Asia Pacific, Xylenes Industry, Installed Plant Capacity by Selective Toluene Disproportionation, 2010 45
In addition, steric hindrance would favor termination by disproportionation as opposed to coupling which would also result in a decrease in [M.
Therefore the rate of disproportionation of the activated complex is considered to be the slowest and hence the rate determining step.
Bhaskar, "Toluene Disproportionation Reaction over HZSM-5 Zeolites.