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Once the digitised and compressed radar video is on the network, it is available to any number of display stations that are connected to the network.
The radar is capable of sending information to remote display stations located far away from the radar site.
Following PSI's successful family of 3270-plug compatible terminals, these new products round out a complete set of IBM compatible display stations.
based in San Jose, provides low cost display stations for computing systems.
Attendees can learn more about TRW's unrivalled systems expertise at its interactive display stations located on its stand.
For 30 years, I-O Corporation has developed innovative display stations designed with IT managers and end-users in mind.
0(tm) DVD mastering solution that establishes a new price point for a wide range of applications in areas such as corporate communications, education, commercial productions, training, video content, archiving, multimedia display stations and much more.
When standard operating procedures are followed, staff at any of the display stations can quickly access the location of each inmate throughout the facility.
Display Stations feature bundled hardware and software
2 The City Requires Twenty (20) Pay And Display Stations Delivered And Installed In The Locations Identified By The Transportation And Public Works Department.
Faculty have created a variety of display stations using interactive methods to engage students.
Featuring omelet, waffle, carving and display stations along with entree, quiche and appetizer options