asymptomatic carrier

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a·symp·to·mat·ic car·ri·er

(āsimp-tŏ-matik karē-ĕr)
One who harbors pathogenic organisms without clinically recognizable symptoms; may infect others.

asymptomatic carrier,

n an individual who serves as host for an infectious agent but who does not show any apparent signs of the illness; may serve as a source of infection for others.
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8226; Just like pigeons, starlings are also disease carriers and they often flock into cities in large numbers, roosting in buildings, industrial structures, or on trees nearby.
In theory, if genetic screening is adopted on a sufficiently grand scale, we can identify disease carriers and breed out certain disorders entirely.
Mariam Al-Jalahma, the Ministry of Health organizes a training course in the field of fighting malaria, disease carriers and mosquito pursuit as part of technical support from the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Malaria Control Program in the Republic of Yemen in the period 16-23 June 2013 in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Even if they don't become infected, they can unknowingly become disease carriers throughout the hospital.
These rodents are disease carriers and I hope none of the children suffer.
Ticks are second only to mosquitoes in importance as human disease carriers, he explains, and the most important arthropod vectors of disease of domestic and wild animals.
By the beginning of 2011, a survey will be launched for pre-marriage age categories to know about the number of thalassemia disease carriers.
The southern house mosquito is the third of the three most important mosquito disease carriers to have its genome sequenced.
For those who view insects as at best irritations and at worse as dangerous disease carriers this may seem to be a curious, but largely irrelevant event.
According to the citizens, the sanitation situation in different sectors of the capital including Sector F-8, F-7 and F-6 is very poor and heaps of garbage and litter scattered at these places provide a habitat to disease carriers such as mosquitoes, flies and other kinds of insects.
Foxes along with grey Squirrels, rats, seagulls, pigeons and the like are all disease carriers and should be exterminated.