discrete random variable

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dis·crete ran·dom var·i·a·ble

a random variable that may assume a countable number of values, each with a probability strictly greater than zero.
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DataMontage enhances data review, decision support, and real-time monitoring systems for diverse applications in which researchers, engineers, planners, and analysts must rapidly detect temporal patterns spanning many continuous and discrete variables and events in order to interpret complex data and reach time-critical decisions.
For discrete variables, a conditional probability table (CPT) can be used, where a child node can take different values for each combination of values from its parents.
Objective: This proposal aims at developing new inference algorithms for graphical models with discrete variables, with a focus on the MAP estimation task.
Mike developed a model he called the Qual-VAR that combines discrete variables such as the business cycle phase with the commonly used vector autoregression (VAR).
The MINLP represents a mathematical programming technique which executes the discrete optimization of discrete variables simultaneously with the continuous optimization of continuous variables.
Both groups were also compared with respect to discrete variables as gender, presence of a ureteric stent, previous ESWL and side of treatment.
For optimization of discrete variables, discrete optimization methods cannot be directly applied, because a large number of FE simulations would be required.
Examples used in the chapters are based on empirical observations of behavior from both natural field settings and more controlled laboratory environments, and also make use of empirical models that investigate the influence of discrete variables on fish behavior.
Vertical ground reaction force-time histories were reduced to five discrete variables during the first 100 ms of ground contact using a custom MatLab (v.
These are undeniably good outcomes, but restricting the inquiry to these discrete variables may result in insufficient empirical evidence to support hospital redesign.
Orthogonal polynomials in two discrete variables related to finite-dimensional irreducible representations of the quantum algebra [U.
Improved logistic and linear regression (more flexibility for handling discrete variables, Standardized parameter outputs, Variance Inflation Factor).
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