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n 1. an allowance or deduction made from a gross sum.
v 2. to reduce the amount of a professional fee.
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At Black's death in 2001, the discounted value of his interest in the FLP was included in his estate.
One crucial aspect of the existing empirical literature is that it provides evidence on the cyclical behavior of the current wage, but not on the cyclical behavior of the expected present discounted value of future wages within a match formed in the current period.
As a result, the discounted value of their sentence is higher than the identical sentence imposed on someone at trial.
Buffett only purchases the company if the purchase price is below its discounted value.
The discounted value of the operational and maintenance cost after n years of operation is
Decomposing loss The estimates plotted in Figure 2 can be used to calculate the effects of between- and within-patent entry on the present discounted value of sales during those years, evaluated at age zero, i.
That value is "the net discounted value of the future stream of consumption services" generated by that first unit, which is an economist's way of saying it's worth the current value of everything it's going to earn in the future.
The true value of a share must be the discounted value of its future cash flows.
Currently, service members only receive a discounted value for loss.
Seen another way, as Nobel laureate Milton Friedman puts it: ``The present discounted value of the promises embedded in the Social Security law exceeds the expected proceeds from payroll taxes to the tune of a present $20 trillion unfunded liability - an amount five times greater than the much-lamented current national debt.
Knowledge capital," in mm, is derived as the present discounted value of the knowledge earnings stream.
A simple statistical model utilizing the concept of expected, discounted value may be used to estimate financial or economic damages to impaired real property due to loss of marketability, rentability, and stigma.