Dirty Room

A theatre/OR or other procedural suite which has not been cleaned after a procedure
References in classic literature ?
Troy set the example of rising to go, he still kept his seat, and looked at the lawyer as if he regretted leaving the atmosphere of tobacco smoke reeking in the dirty room.
Konstantin Levin sighed, looking meanwhile about the cheerless and dirty room.
I don't know what comes over me sometimes,' said she, affecting to busy herself in arranging her dress; 'it's this damp dirty room, I think.
The feeling of a perfectly clean hotel or vacation rental can provide a sense of calm and contentment; however, a dirty room can ruin a vacation experience by making it impossible to let go and relax.
But despite paying PS480 to upgrade to a more expensive chalet in September 2014, she claims to have received a dirty room and unacceptable service from staff.
Walking home from a local pub W alone, she says she was knocked unconscious and later woke to find herself in a dirty room, tied to a chair with two men standing over her.
Furthermore, the hunger strikers are being held in a dirty room from 06.
SSPCA inspector Sam MacDonald said: "We found Sasha shut in a dirty room covered in rubbish.
The child was locked in a dirty room for hours at a time, was force-fed salt and was routinely beaten.
For two months, I was in a dark and dirty room, without food and water.
Whether it was the bed creaking, the dirty room, or that extra fee you were unwittingly charged, you find yourself ready to tell the world to avoid this particular hotel at all costs.