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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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The CPSC, which is responsible for implementing the CPSIA, delayed enforcement of certain parts of the law until the end of this year, granting a reprieve for child-sized dirtbikes and ATVs.
I got a little dirtbike and there are all these trails over there: I'll just cruise around.
For more than two years, the powersports industry and its riders have urged Congress to categorically exclude youth dirtbikes and ATVs from the CPSIA's lead content provisions," said Paul Vitrano, general counsel of the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC).
The legislation exempts OHVs -- including kids' dirtbikes and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) -- from the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008.
Ridgefield Circle, possible dirtbikes going around the area.
Basically, skaters worldwide would love to have this collective conversation with skatepark BMXers-- "Hey man, we used to cruise around on dirtbikes, too.
The CPSIA was intended to ban small toys with high lead content, but because of broadly written language, it has been interpreted to apply to all products for kids 12 and under, including dirtbikes, ATVs, bicycles, clothing and books.
He loved all the family vacations, animals, big or small, fishing, dirtbikes and hanging out with friends and his sister Stephanie.