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a listing of the files in a computer storage device, such as an area of a hard drive or other storage device. A device may contain many directories to facilitate organization of files.


n 1. an organized list of names, organizations, or other data bases for ease of retrieval or reference.
n 2. the listing of files in a computer storage system.
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Lastly, modification of directory services through appropriate directory management creates new and lucrative markets for resellers.
com is the UK's leading online classified directory service and the information it provides is available via three channels: the web, mobile and interactive TV.
The selection of Systinet demonstrates that PSN and the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A) are committed and moving quickly towards implementing the private, UDDI-based Directory Service that is core to CPXe's Web Services based architecture," said Lisa Walker, president, International Imaging Industry Association and PSN.
A private UDDI-based directory of photo services, the PSN Directory Service is the heart of the CPXe system architecture.
The Directory Service market faces similar challenges worldwide.
UltraDNS provides a range of global and local DNS solutions -- both managed services and custom infrastructure -- built on its unique Directory Services Platform and proprietary, patented technologies.
UltraDNS will continue to expand our Directory Services Platform to meet demand from Internet users globally and from our enterprise and infrastructure customers.
Infospace occupies a strong position in the Web search and online directory services markets, with award-winning products, millions of loyal users and a long list of top tier distribution customers," said Bowman.
For users, this is good news as they negotiate expansion of existing directory services," said Earl Perkins, vice president with META Group's Technology Research Services and lead author of the report.
Red Hat's new training course, RH423 Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication, expands the advanced computing curriculum for rhces.
The company has seen an increasing acceptance of its directory services virtualization as a core enabler for identity management, access management and provisioning projects.
In explaining MTM/iT's selection for this project, The Co-Chair of the CCC IT Subcommittee and Manchester Community College Director of Information Technology Jason Blosser explained that, "The Connecticut Community Colleges chose to partner with MTM Information Technologies for directory services and e-communication planning and engineering in late May.

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