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a listing of the files in a computer storage device, such as an area of a hard drive or other storage device. A device may contain many directories to facilitate organization of files.


n 1. an organized list of names, organizations, or other data bases for ease of retrieval or reference.
n 2. the listing of files in a computer storage system.
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Directory management at this granular level then becomes much more critical than directory services for 180 directories at the higher surface level.
com directory service and the xda from O2 are great examples of branded services that people trust.
Designed to simplify the process of finding and using Internet-connected and retail photo services, PSN is scheduled to launch its Directory Service in late June 2003.
The introduction of the PSN Directory Service and the CPXe specifications gives life to the imaging industry's vision for making it as convenient to get prints and other photo services from digital pictures as it is today with film," said Lisa Walker, president, International Imaging Industry Association.
Fast Search & Transfer(TM) (FAST), a leading developer of search and real-time alerting technologies, and Opplysningen(R) 1881 Online, the premier Directory Service of Telenor Teleservice AS, announced today that Opplysningen 1881 Online has selected FAST Data Search(TM) to search its 6.
Bell Atlantic Directory Services is soliciting 225 national and local advertisers to participate in the Washington, D.
By implementing the Managed DNS Service, NutriSystem's online presence is supported by UltraDNS' global Directory Services Platform, with network nodes spanning four continents, capable of handling and efficiently routing enormous traffic levels.
0 Directory Services and NetWare MHS without duplicating administration of user names.
Infospace also provides private-label search and directory services for some of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Web, including those operated by leading media companies, ISP's and cable operators.
Microsoft Product Unit Manager for Directory Services Stuart Kwan will keynote the conference, highlighting where Active Directory is being used by customers today, and what the future holds for Microsoft directory services.

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