Direct to Consumer Advertising

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The use of mass media—e.g., TV, magazines, newspapers—to publicly promote drugs, medical devices or other products which, by law, require a prescription, which targets consumers, with the intent of having a patient request the product by name
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Ruth offers brand and visual identity, editorial, graphic design, direct consumer advertising, event production and mobile marketing, and play-anywhere content.
With alarming news about potentially fatal side effects, direct consumer advertising, hundreds of infomercial websites, out-of-control prescription drug prices and new environmental concerns, it can be hard to get a grasp on which remedies are the most effective and sale.
These findings suggest that concerns about the removal of regulatory restrictions on direct consumer advertising in the EU and Canada are valid [1].
The campaign, funded by the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) and the PCVB, was launched in March 2002 to attract more international visitors to Philadelphia through direct consumer advertising in Philadelphia's key markets in the U.
In addition to the introduction of the H2-receptor antagonists, an aging population, an ever increasing interest in self care, cost-saving pressures in the healthcare system, and a significant amount of direct consumer advertising have fueled the expansion of the market," notes Steven Heffner, an editor at

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