Dioscorea villosa

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wild yam

Herbal medicine
A perennial vine that contains alkaloids (e.g., dioscorine), phytosterols, steroidal saponins (e.g., dioscin, tillin, diosgenin) and tannins; it is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, cholegogic and diuretic. Wild yam has been used for colic, menstrual cramps, morning sickness, threatened abortion, muscle spasms, rheumatic pain, poor circulation, neuralgia and urinary tract disease.

Dioscorea villosa,

n See wild yam.
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The earliest references to the treatment of menopausal complaints with Dioscorea villosa appear after the discovery of yams as a prized source of the precursor saponin diosgenin for the synthesis of progestins (Marker 1947) and other sex hormones (Bohonos 1966).
Preparative separation of dioscin derivatives from Dioscorea villosa by centrifugal partition chromatography coupled with evaporative light scattering detection.
Gymnopilus Meadow is the only site where Dioscorea villosa is found in the study area.