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Friedrich, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1855-1926. See: Dimmer keratitis.
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9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Leviton today expanded its Decora product offering with the introduction of Decora Rocker Slide Controls, comprised of a new line of Decora Universal Dimmers and a Decora Quiet Fan Speed Control.
Crestron Universal Dimmers are convection cooled and CEC Title 24 compliant.
Read the fine print on the packaging to understand each bulb's performance characteristics (including whether it is a dimmable bulb or not) and look to manufacturers' websites to understand what bulbs are compatible with what dimmers.
From spotlights to highlight design features to ambience-creating dimmer switches, chandeliers to add a touch of glamour and energy-saving lights to boost your green credentials, there's a huge selection of lighting solutions to choose from.
Chris Lewis drove to London to do the work - and then returned two weeks later to adjust two bedroom dimmer switches.
A quality dimmer such as those made by Lutron, whose founder invented the electronic dimmer switch in 1961, can dramatically transform a living space.
Mood lighting that can include anything from a decorative wall sconce to a chandelier controlled by a dimmer switch.
will introduce a wide range of dimmers, controls for ceiling fans and lights, and a new display at the National Hardware Show opening here on Sunday.
Other steps can be taken to reduce lighting costs, including the installation of occupancy sensors in conference rooms that will automatically turn lights on and off as needed and dimmers that can adjust the amount of artificial light depending on the amount of sunlight in the room.
With a simple voice command, users can adjust lights, shades, thermostats and dimmers.
The project concerns replacement of fixed dimmers for stage lightning and complementary mobile dimmers at MalmE[micro] Stadsteater, Hipp, Malmo, Sweden.