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of any shares or other securities in, or control of, DII and all
Within the scope of its work, Dii will also submit scenarios for the structure of the electricity grids by 2012, and the related investment propositions.
The DII planning entity is to be established as a GmbH (limited liability company) under German law by 31 October 2009.
Nelson will continue as worldwide president of Bobcat Company while serving as DII chief executive officer.
To many researchers, the abundant grinding stones, layers of pickleweed chaff and seed-rich palaeofaecal specimens from DI and especially from DII 'illustrate the great antiquity of a subsistence base that persisted virtually unchanged' (Fry 1976) for 10 000 years, a subsistence base in which the processing and consumption of small seeds was key.
DII promotes self-policing as a means of confirming management's commitment to abide by ethical standards--even when they exceed legal requirements--and of discovering and correcting instances when conduct falls below these standards.
6bn) to set up the first 500 megawatts of capacity in North Africa, according to Dii.
A detailed conference programme, a list of speakers and information on how to register can be obtained at the Dii Annual Conference website (http://www.
Shukri Al Muhairi, general manager of DII and Christophe Gaussin, chairman of Gaussin, signed this agreement recently.
that ATLAS will deliver DII Increment 2b, which extends DII(F) into the
The DII's Business Ethics and Conduct Steering Committee--composed of chief executive officers from 13 defense companies--met in November, to review and reaffirm the principles of DII.
LONDON -- Market Publishers Ltd and dii signed partnership agreement for quality market research promotion on Internet.