Dignitas Clinic

An assisted suicide group in Switzerland that helps persons with terminal illness and certain physical and mental illnesses to die assisted by qualified doctors and allied health personnel, provided that they are of sound judgement, and the decision is made of their own free will, without any form of coercion, criteria required by the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland
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Some Brits, such as Parkinson's sufferer Andrew Tyler, 70, have felt forced to travel to the Dignitas clinic in Zurich, Switzerland, to end their lives.
It is believed as many as 10 British citizens a month choose to die at the Dignitas clinic, set up in 1998.
Currently, those wishing to end their lives in a more dignified and less painful way say they have to travel to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland.
Jackie Baker, who had motor neurone disease, travelled by train to Switzerland with her daughters, Tara O'Reilly and Rose Baker, to attend the Dignitas clinic.
The 61-year-old travelled to the famed Dignitas clinic in Zurich suffering from terrible pain with secondary breast cancer that had spread to her lungs and liver.
In 2011, he featured in a documentary about suicide in which he followed a man with motor neurone disease to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland to see him take a lethal dose of barbiturates.
The 75-year-old's daughters Jill Potier Godinho and Jane Greenshields said they supported their father's decision to end his life in a Dignitas clinic in Zurich on August 15.
DEVOTED son Andrew Squires' tale of taking his mother to Switzerland's Dignitas clinic to die has convinced me that we do need something similar over here.
A 65-YEAR-OLD woman and her son have been arrested after police suspected they were planning to take her husband to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland to commit suicide, sources said.
DIGNIFIED: Glenys Porter travelled to the Dignitas clinic to end her own life.
The family of Kay Carter who took her to Switzerland to end her life in the Dignitas clinic are challenging the law.