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(kăl′ĭ-pĕr) [Fr. calibre, diameter of bore of gun]
A hinged instrument for measuring thickness or diameter.
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Technavio's analysts forecast the global digital caliper market to grow at a CAGR of 7.
This digital caliper features an easy to read LCD which can be set for either inches or mm with a range up to 6".
The precise measurement from the digital caliper system is added to the computer file tracking the case.
The ergonomic design of the new MarCal 16 EWR digital calipers features a non-slip thumb support that ensures trouble-free handling and reliable results in contaminated working conditions.
introduces a new line of digital calipers and micrometers that assure precise and reliable measurements under difficult conditions.
Collect CE, a CE-based data acquisition product, uses a Pocket PC to collect instrument data into any Windows CE- based application, making it ideal for interfacing instruments such as pH meters, bar-code readers, force gauges, digital calipers and spectrophotometers.
Information for molding machines is obtained through the IMAC data acquisition unit, which performs three functions: it continually monitors up to 32 production/process parameters and reports any deviations that exceed established limits; it provides an interface which allows downtime and defect codes to be entered, production and engineering data to be reviewed, and the addition of stacklights for additional status information on the plant floor; and it furnishes an interface to quality control instruments such as digital scales, digital calipers and digital micrometers.