Digital Nomad

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A person who uses technology, particularly wireless networking, to work, without requiring a fixed address
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Although the greatest perceived benefit is "flexible hours," 65 percent of professionals think they'd clock more hours as a digital nomad
Comedian Tina Fey is applauded as the best digital nomad roommate; Kimye bottoms out as the worst
From those who are curious in becoming digital nomads to others who are interested in having a greater work-life balance, '5 Dollar Planet' is quickly generating an enthusiastic following from those who are not interested in high monetary lifestyles or material status.
Once the digital NOMAD is underway, Turner hopes to turn his attention to international expansion.
For example, Evans writes a column for the magazine, contributes daily posts and videos on his Digital Nomad blog, will take part in October's signature 125[sup.
The grand-prize winner will then accompany National Geographic Traveler's Andrew Evans on a National Geographic Expedition to the Galapagos Islands aboard the National Geographic Endeavour to photograph the rich ecosystems and contribute to the Digital Nomad blog.
Evans will return to South Georgia and the same beach where in 2010 he saw the famous " black penguin" -- one of the rarest genetic mutations, seldom seen anywhere on the planet -- and to Nightingale Island, where last year he helped break a story on his Digital Nomad blog about an oil spill on that pristine, UNESCO-protected island.
Community members can come together to read about other digital nomads and share ideas, tips, tricks and best practices.
Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and read my Digital Nomad blog for a trip off the beaten path through Louisiana and New Orleans.
Freelance translator, Shirley McLean, is a digital nomad who works from two different homes in England and Scotland, as well as the library, Starbucks and McDonald's for a change in scenery.
These products are built for today's digital nomad based on the millions of conversations we have every year on dell.
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