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A limited-slip differential is a major upgrade from an open carrier in that it uses a clutch system to transfer some (but not all) torque to the wheel with the most traction when you encounter a loose or slippery surface.
While that is often true, the real culprit may be your differential type.
The taxpayer receives $8 ($18 - $10) less because of the advance payment due to the one-percent rate differential charged by the IRS from March 15, 1987, to March 15, 1994.
168 (1996), the interest rate differential between underpayments and overpayments cost the taxpayer almost $500,000.
These checks should be done biannually or if a high side-to-side temperature differential is measured over 6 degrees F.
The Eaton EGerodisc is a hydraulically-operated electronically controlled limited slip differential that is capable of providing variable torque up to full axle lock.
Chrysler Group's decision to use the EGerodisc(TM) differential technology will set an industry standard for those seeking safety, superior traction and ultimate mobility," said Stephen Buente, senior vice president and group executive -- automotive.
Other examples include advanced gasoline vapor controls, common rail Diesel fuel controls, power on demand variable valve actuation, and ELOCKER(TM) electronic locking differentials.
Eaton's exclusive design incorporates Eaton patented, woven pyrolytic carbon fiber that provides the differential with superior friction characteristics, enhanced durability, and smoother vehicle cornering, than traditional limited slip differentials that use steel or paper surfaces.
ERI's Geographic Assessor(R) software and databases calculate salary and cost-of-living differentials between any of over 6,400+ U.
Hardis, Eaton Corporation's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, today announced that the company will open a plant in Korea to build limited slip differentials for Korean auto makers Hyundai and Kia.
Geographic salary differentials add a particular level of complexity to administering a compensation program for a large national employer with operations in a broad-ranging number of locations throughout the United States," said Mercer Managing Director and Compensation Consultant Linda Ison, who is based in Mercer's Louisville, Ky.

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