Dieterle stain - a silver impregnation method for staining Legionella and other organisms.
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CINCINNATI REDS -- Approved the sale of a minority interest in the club by The Louise Dieterle Nippert Trust to Frank Cohen.
Jakob Dieterle, "Heat Management in Printed Circuit Boards," Project Report 2010 MVK160 MassTransit, May 11, 2010.
Father Dr Hans-Georg Dieterle told the hearing in Poplar, East London: "He just didn't get enough sleep.
Dieterle of McClosky, D'Anna & Dieterle, LLP; Ellen Leibovitch of Assouline & Berlowe, P.
Robin Dieterle, Senior Sales Executive, brings more than twenty years of implementation, project management, presales, and sales management experience to Deacom, its clients, and prospective customers.
Adorno, Brecht, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Clurman, Jules Dassin, William Dieterle, Max Horkheimer, Herb Kline, Fritz Lang, Odets, Max Reinhardt, Jean Renoir, and Schoenberg.
Directed by William Dieterle, whose masterpiece is the dreamlike "The Devil and Daniel Webster," "Tennessee Johnson" is notable for the campaign of repression waged against it: Vincent Price, Zero Mostel, and Ben Hecht, among others, petitioned the Office of War Information to destroy the film in the interest of national unity.
If you come to Middlefield and ask, "Where does Bill Dieterle live?
Frank Dieterle of the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (Basel, Switzerland) and colleagues noted that two biomarkers called serum creatinine, or SCr, and blood urea nitrogen, or BUN, are currently used to measure kidney damage, but they are not very accurate.
BenetAAEs story, previously brought to the screen in an Oscar-winning 1941 version directed by William Dieterle, follows a luckless New Hampshire farmer named Jabez Stone, whose fortunes improve markedly after he signs a contract with a certain Mr Scratch.
And while it is the path that Perilla's Executive Chef and Co-Owner Harold Dieterle did choose to take at a fairly tender age, it was not the chef's first childhood ambition.