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Johann F., German surgeon, 1792-1847.
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Dieffenbach, in his German translation of the first edition of this Journal.
Moreover, optimism was found to be a key characteristic possessed by Olympic champions (Gould, Dieffenbach, & Moffett, 2002) and successful professional basketball and baseball teams (Seligman, 1990).
Miles Dieffenbach was the only senior starter on the offensive line; he played in four games and started only two after recovering from knee surgery in March.
Nina Zivkovic was the lead illustrator and Jared Dieffenbach was the designer, art director and project coordinator.
He does not stop there, however, but also includes plants named after apothecaries, a few medicinal gods, at least one doctor of divinity, a failed medical student, two kings with medical interests, botanists with strong medical links, and the gardener Joseph Dieffenbach.
CAMT Landmark Raleigh NC Residential Brandon Carter-Moore, CAMT Time Group & Owings Mills MD WPM Traye Clifton, camt Oaks Properties Minneapolis MN Ronald Dieffenbach.
The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) announced that Mark Dieffenbach has been appointed chairman of the board.
The daily observations of John Bidwill (1839), Ernst Dieffenbach (1841), George Angas (1847) and George Grey (1849) are brought together by Russell Duncan in a useful volume.
Carl Dieffenbach, Director, Division of HIV/AIDS, National Institutes of Health; Dr.
Commentators attribute the success of the Americans to the confidence they have and their strength; this makes sense since success in sports is often attributed to confidence (Feltz, 1988; Gould, Dieffenbach, & Moffat, 2002).
Since the early 1980s sport psychologists have stressed the importance of psychological or mental training through research in areas such as concentration (Durand-Bush, & Salmela, 2002), motivation (Gould, Dieffenbach & Moffett, 2002), imagery (Gould, Eklund & Jackson, 1993) and mental toughness (Jones, Hanton & Connaughton, 2002).