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Optically active isomers that are not enantiomorphs (mirror images), for example, d-glucose and d-galactose.
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4] was performed in metanol as solvent, isolating a unique diastereoisomer (10) in 70% yield and 90% of diastereomeric excess (Scheme 5).
Hasegawa, "Determination of hexabromocyclododecane diastereoisomers and tetrabromobisphenol A in water and sediment by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry," Analytical Sciences, vol.
The diastereoisomers of 7b were in the first attempt separated with flash chromatography (eluent 2-5% EtOAc in petroleum ether).
This chip also can be used for polar small molecules and structurally related compounds, such as geometric isomers and diastereoisomers.
Dietary intake of hexabromocyclododecane diastereoisomers ([alpha]-, [beta]-, and [gamma]-HBCD) in the Belgian adult population.
6n of 29 and a series of reflections between 25 and 28 [degrees] of 2 [theta], as typical of a mixture of diastereoisomers A and B (Yao et al.
It is postulated that the glucose a-anomers bind faster than the [beta\-anomers, but the overall response is poor because the relative abundance of [alpha]-anomers is low and interconversion between the different diastereoisomers is slow.
Such adducts, obtained as a pair of diastereoisomers, rearomatize by a variety of pathways which are being elucidated.
However, the molecule possesses two chiral centers at C-2 and C-3 resulting in four possible diastereoisomers (astilbin, neoastilbin, isoastilbin and neoisoastilbin).
Biotransformation enzymes and thyroid axis disruption in juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) exposed to hexabromocyclododecane diastereoisomers.