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A clock face or instrument resembling a clock face.
[L. dies, day]


a circular diagram with black lines radiating outward across a white background from the center, as is used in tests of astigmatism.


(dī′ăl) [L. dialis, daily, fr. dies, day]
A graduated circular face, similar to a clock face, on which some measurement is indicated by a pointer that moves as the entity being measured (pressure, temperature, or heat) changes.

astigmatic dial

A circular dial with black lines of uniform width drawn as if they were connecting opposing numbers on the face of a clock. It is used in testing for astigmatism.
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Truecaller has announced the global release of the renewed version of its well-known dial pad app Truedialer, available for free on Google Play.
Phone dialer: Improved the phone app with the ability to look up contacts directly from the dial pad, see and tap frequent contacts and search your corporate directory easily.
Unlike the single-component design of previous solutions, it evolves the conference phone into several components, giving users flexibility with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones and dial pad.
0 software and include a cellphone dial pad rather than a smaller version of the computer-style keyboard.
The new device is auto-complete with a dial pad, and is social media and chat friendly.
8221; Making calling for help a game-like feature, users no longer need to worry about where the dial pad is, or hitting the wrong buttons.
Google has added the Dial pad autocomplete, which suggests phone numbers and contacts as you are punching in the numbers on the dial pad.
The Value Pack 3 adds: a dial pad for mobile phones and softphones, allowing users to use the touch screen on the headset base as a dial-pad for their mobile phone; duplication of the headset's touch screen on the PC screen for easy manageability; and customisable keyboard shortcuts for handling calls directly from the keyboard.
Although vendors have improved their systems' user-friendliness in recent years, a videoconferencing keypad is still far more intimidating that the familiar 10-digit phone dial pad.
But in reality, some of us have trouble pressing those keys on the dial pad because of some special physical need, or have vision loss and want to know something as simple as who the person is calling you, what missed calls you have or if you have any voice mails, or simply just have trouble figuring out how to transfer a call.