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(kăl′ĭ-pĕr) [Fr. calibre, diameter of bore of gun]
A hinged instrument for measuring thickness or diameter.
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When you have obtained the sharpest image, measure the distance from the end of the eyepiece to some fixed surface on the focuser or the telescope tube using dial calipers.
A good dial caliper doesn't have to cost a lot of money.
Dial calipers add a dial readout affixed to the movable jaw assembly, and are the most common caliper model in use.
Inside and outside digital or dial calipers, test indicators (2) and magnetic toolbases with adjustable stands.
The bullets appear to be seated straight (you load a few hundred thousand rounds, you learn to spot that sort of thing), and I sat down with dial calipers and case gauge to inspect a full box.
A small file and a set of dial calipers is all you need to do this important little job.
Decent electronic calipers are usually of better construction than dial calipers, as there are fewer moving parts to wear out.
Traditional approaches to morphometry in wildlife research typically entail measurements obtained via hand-held digital or traditional dial calipers.
Dial calipers and micrometers are used for close tolerance work using drill presses and lathes.