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Participants in fee-for-service plans are provided with the most variations in coverage of outpatient diagnostic x-ray and laboratory tests.
Full-time participants in fee-for-service plans with internal limits for diagnostic x-ray and laboratory testing benefits, medium and large private establishments, 1991 Percent of Type of limitation(1) participants Total(2) 100 Deductible(3) 1 Maximum dollar amount 99 Per year 86 Per illness 6 Scheduled 8 Shared (4) Coinsurance 1 (1) Includes PPO plans.
For diagnostic x-ray and laboratory testing, such incentives generally take the form of a decreased or eliminated deductible or an increase in the percent of charges paid by the plan.
The method of providing coverage for outpatient diagnostic x-ray and laboratory testing in employer-provided health care plans has changed considerably over the past decade.
The 16 percent of workers without first-dollar coverage in 1981 were required to pay a deductible before receiving diagnostic x-ray and laboratory benefits, and then they shared the remaining costs with the plan.
CT scans expose a person to more radiation than a diagnostic x-ray.
These people experienced doses in the range of 5-100 mSv, which is equivalent to multiple diagnostic x-rays.
The court noted that the prisoner refused to allow prison dentists, who were willing and able to fill the prisoner's cavities, to take necessary diagnostic x-rays, and that braces were not indicated for a woman who was nearly 50 years old.