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Bryner and her associates examined trends in dextromethorphan abuse in a review of all 1,382 cases reported to California's poison control system during the 6-year period.
The Internet is full of predators who actively encourage dextromethorphan abuse and even provide detailed instructions.
The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a warning about dextromethorphan abuse and said that it is working with other health authorities and law enforcement to address the problem.
This is highly desirable, because the need for safe and effective non-narcotic cough formulations is great, especially when you consider how widespread dextromethorphan abuse has become.
While passage of this law is a major step forward in protecting teens from the dangers of raw, unfinished dextromethorphan abuse, we continue to work to help prevent the abuse of dextromethorphan in its finished form of OTC cough medicine.
While CHPA and the Partnership, among others, work on OTC dextromethorphan abuse, we are most gratified that Representatives Upton and Larsen are addressing the problem of unfinished dextromethorphan abuse in this legislation," said Suydam.