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city in England.
Devonshire colic - colic which was first discovered in the city of Devonshire; caused by drinking cider made in lead-lined presses. Synonym(s): lead poisoning
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On THAT head, therefore, it was not for her to oppose her mother's intention of removing into Devonshire.
We had only been a few hours in Devonshire, and that he should give up an investigation which he had begun so brilliantly was quite incomprehensible to me.
Then, with a more thoughtful eye, he ripped open the letter from his more distinguished contributor, which bore a postmark of Devonshire, and read as follows:
If they want a light-weight to be throwed for practice, Cornwall, Devonshire, or Lancashire, let 'em throw me.
I can keep up my end in stage Irish, real Devonshire, very fair Norfolk, and three distinct Yorkshire dialects.
She came from Devonshire and, notwithstanding her many years of service in London, had never lost the breadth of her accent.
You may come of the oldest family in Devonshire, but that's no reason why you should mind being seen alone with me on the Embankment.
He is led into telling lies--my idea, you see, is to show the gradual corruption of the soul--calls himself the son of some great landed proprietor in Devonshire.
Had he been untied, the Devonshire or Hampshire coast would certainly have been his choice.
The season had been unusually wet, even for Scotland; and my mother reluctantly confessed that she "did feel a certain longing" for the mild air and genial sunshine of the Devonshire coast.
Her family, one of the wealthiest in Devonshire, cut up rough about it, and we eloped--are eloping rather, for on the day that you and I walked to the landing stage to go aboard this steamer she and her faithful servant, a negress, passed us, driving to the ship Morrow.
Beyond the fact that he was born in a white-walled thatched-roofed farmhouse, near Budleigh Salterton in Devonshire, about the year 1552, we know nothing of Raleigh's childhood.