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In addition, the content of any career development program needs not only to reflect the organization's goals (which differ from HMO to HMO), but also to support the interests of individual physicians.
The key advantage to a parallel practice development program is the coordinated benefits generated as both the firm and its professionals simultaneously implement a carefully planned program in a specific market.
Among the criticisms that could be leveled at professional development programs in research libraries are, first, their general lack of focus.
Leadership development is the ultimate purpose of the Commander's Development Program.
For the second consecutive year, the ATA Junior Development Program is one of the causes for which the B.
Derr said Conoco's development program would help verify CCT's potential economic benefits over steel coiled tubing now commonly used by the oil and gas industry.
In summary, NAVSEA's Systems Engineering Development Program has shown measured improvements.
BLACK ENTERPRISE polled 10 corporations with active minority-business development programs to find out the key to winning contracts.
Seattle University, Seattle -- The Faculty Development Program was initiated to continue the dialogue begun when the university instituted a New Core Curriculum in 1987.
NAVFAC, working with USD (AT & L), implemented a six-step planning process to appropriately shape its workforce and also develop an audit trail from its strategic plan to its workforce development programs.
The company said that in its judgment the current provision should be adequate to complete the development program.
Avon has a middle-management development program, where employees receive management, leadership and diversity training at Morehouse College and the Institute for Managing Diversity in Atlanta.

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