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developing countries, the countries in transition from an agrarian economy to a manufacturing- and technology-based economy.
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Bank regulatory and accounting policies pertaining to developing country loans of U.
One developing country is rapidly making the most of its toolbox.
In the current round of TRIPs negotiations, activists are asserting the right of any developing country to seize any patent, or import any generic drug, so long as it claims that is has a public health crisis.
I'm sure there will be an effort to repackage the agreement as having meaningful developing country participation and reliance on market mechanisms," says Garman.
No matter how old or out of fashion they may be, they will make a world of difference to someone in a developing country, where many people can't afford to buy glasses.
A developing country would probably buy such equipment rather than develop an alternative technology such as solar thermal power plants that might be more suitable in the long term and encourage internal investment.
The story of Halliburton and Catu is one of 12 case studies discussed in the 1999 report Fostering Environmental Prosperity, published by the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI), a nonprofit organization of major global companies who contend that good environmental practices and good business practices go hand-in-hand--even when doing business in a developing country with low environmental standards.
Accenture, the Markle Foundation and UNDP are all members of the Dot Force, which includes members of G8 and developing country governments, multilateral organizations, and members from the private and non-profit sectors.
We also need to reach out to the developing country governments and business groups, and to sensible non-governmental organizations with legitimate concerns.
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