Carl E. W., German surgeon, 1872-1942. See: Deutschländer disease.
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Deutschlander, Pablo Elizondo, Hugh Ellis, Chris Elphick, Sarah Goodwin, Margret I.
Likewise, Lait, Suter, Arthur, and Deutschlander (2011) found that students involved in inter-professional mentoring learned about different professions and how to work as a team to care for patients.
The current expectation in Canada and Europe, at least, is that health professionals will engage in collaborative practice that supports patient-centred care (Suter, Arndt, Arthur, Parboosungh, Taylor and Deutschlander, 2009).
Our philosophy is that people start their careers with us and stay with us," said Edward Deutschlander, co-president and chief operating officer of North Star Resource Group.
A similar study by Deutschlander and Miller (2003) examined the extent to which modes of interpretation at several indigenous sites across Canada strengthen stereotypes of the "noble savage" or gave voice to politically oppressed indigenous peoples at cultural sites (p.
For some of the problems with artificial eye fixation, see Culham and Kanwisher 2001, 160, and for an effect on neuroimaging responses, see Deutschlander et al.
Deutschlander interviewed hundreds of Germany's 80,000 or more "hobby Indians"--May's spiritual descendants who study and obsess over North America's aboriginal culture and dress.
UC Irvine Extension met and exceeded all of our requirements for endorsement," said Carol Deutschlander, vice president of education and certification for IIBA.
Deutschlander, Chair of the WOS Student Travel Awards Committee, regarding the distribution of travel award checks, and having completed the agenda of the Business Meeting, President Beason inquired if anyone present had further items of business.
Take one delusional Deutschlander, add hot water and mix.
Deutschlander and David Vasos to co-presidents of the firm, effective immediately.
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