Detroit Case

A planned, but never implemented, 1973 project to perform experimental amygdalotomies with destruction or removal of temporal lobe brain tissue on mentally ill patients who had been imprisoned for violent crimes. The Michigan court used the Nuremburg Code to reject the experimental procedure
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Such a practice makes strikes much longer and more difficult for unions to win, as the Detroit case demonstrates.
First, an effort will be made to demonstrate that contrary to some of the objections raised in the Detroit case, Chapter 9 is facially constitutional.
Bekins, (95) the Supreme Court upheld a precursor to the modern municipality bankruptcy statute, which was attacked on similar Tenth Amendment grounds to those asserted in the Detroit case.
Limited Role in Detroit Case, Detroit Free Press, Aug.
The judge in the Detroit case recognised this in his decision on Tuesday.
7 billion in bad derivative bets, not the kind of grinding economic slump and population flight that feature so prominently in the Detroit case.
Kansas City schools were already predominantly minority, and the Supreme Court had ruled in the Detroit case that surrounding school districts not found guilty of segregation could not be pulled into a case to provide more white students for desegregation.
In this Detroit case study, contrary to Pudup's Chicago, "the metropolitanization of Detroit was .
In the annals of the American judiciary, the Detroit case is atypical--not just because of the corruption, but because that corruption was investigated and exposed.

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