operating system

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operating system (OS)

the main system programs of a computer that manage the hardware and application resources, including data input and output. Applications require an operating system to support and enable their function.
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According to Gourmet, the familiar elements of the desktop OS like Finder, Mission Control and multitasking will remain intact - in Apple does not plan to carry the principles of the iOS over the OS X.
1 update - a big revision which will add various functionalities to the desktop OS.
Apple's decision to release a new desktop OS every year turns out to be a double-edged sword: Even though each new Mac operating system sees a (http://www.
Through this novel innovation, Xcerion has successfully replicated the power of a desktop OS in a cloud-based OS.
The latest desktop OS from Apple comes with more than 250 new features Apple executives told developers last month.
The factors involved in calculating TCO (total cost of ownership) for an entire desktop OS environment, applications and all, are so numerous and complex that you might as well read tea leaves.
Support for Neoware VDI-edition thin clients and Neoware Image Manager: Streams desktop OS images into virtual machines and centralizes image management.
The open architecture will provide us with a broad choice of client device, virtualization host and virtual desktop OS.
The latest desktop OS from Apple comes with more than 250 new features including picture-in-picture zoom, international braille tables in a wide range of languages, iPhoto faces, FaceTime calling from the address book, and social networking incorporated into the address book.
The product line includes high-end Linux server OS, cluster system, desktop OS, embedded system, technical support services and trainings.
This DNA is then quickly and automatically interrogated through AppTitude to assess application compatibility issues for Desktop OS, Server OS, Virtualization, Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp technologies, instead of manually testing applications for each technology.
lt;p>As for desktops, however, all of the reasons that Android could be a fine netbook OS, basically the lack of a requirement to run Windows applications or participate in Windows business networks, makes it an unlikely choice for a desktop OS.