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An HMO or hospital’s unilateral termination of its financial relationship with a particular physician
Criteria for deselection Lack of board certification, utilization management, patient satisfaction, providing of preventive health programs, and support of managed care—i.e., ‘high visibility’—or because the provider is too expensive and orders too many tests or procedures
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But speaking during a visit to Merseyside this week, Mr Corbyn's closest ally said: "No-one is in a deselection in the Labour Party.
But speaking during a visit to Merseyside this week, Mr Corbyn's closest ally, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said there would be no deselections and argued that the party is completely united.
The hit list of deselection is almost identical to the list of MPs who voted for the single market amendment in the Queen's Speech or against the triggering of Article 50.
But the attempts at reconciliation were undermined as threats of deselection resurfaced and Mr Corbyn failed to deny new claims that he and his inner circle were plotting to oust Mr Watson from his elected position as the deputy leader.
Local constituencies with MPs opposed to Corbyn should zealously start to actively encourage their constituents to join the Labour Party to beat off the inevitable hard-left deselection onslaught (the only way to beat hard-left zealots is to be more zealous than they are).
Deselection appeared inside the Labour Party when confronted with MPs who actually left the party to form the ill-fated Social Democratic Party who achieved nothing more than split the Labour vote and enable Margaret Thatcher to win so convincingly in 1983.
Corbyn could now exact revenge by pushing for the deselection of those MPs and councillors who tried to oust him.
There were also calls made for Labour MPs who supported the air strikes to face deselection challenges which senior Welsh Shadow Cabinet member Owen Smith condemned.
Sustainable Collection Services (SCS), the data-driven deselection company for libraries, was acquired by OCLC in January.
Deselection can create conflicts with faculty and provide public relations challenges (Metz & Gray, 2005).
availability, as well as its gradual deselection by global customers, this agreement puts Ackros in a firm position to supply alternative solutions to our customers.
Their presentation, titled “Preparing for the Worst: Deselection, Acquisition, Doctor Departure,” underscores the importance of working to improve patient loyalty in an effort to mitigate the damage of crisis situations.