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(Cartesius) (dā-kahrt'),
René, French philosopher, mathematician, physiologist, 1596-1650. The founder of modern philosophy and proponent of the mechanistic school or iatromathematical school. See: Descartes law.
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The Descartes Global Logistics Network is a multimodal network of transportation and logistics services providers and their customers that facilitates the exchange of logistics information and provides services that leverage that information.
Based on the success of a recent Descartes Routing & Scheduling implementation completed with Optimize Logistic Solutions, Grupo Leche Pascual, Spain's largest manufacturer and distributor of dairy, cereal and beverage products, selected Descartes' Transportation Manager solution to improve the management of its contract carriers; streamline its operations by taking a holistic approach to managing delivery resources and requirements; evaluate transportation alternatives; and select efficient delivery methods.
Philosophical knowledge of God according to Suarez and Descartes in the context of Dutch reformed theology and philosophy in the seventeenth century" -- this is the title and the program of this book, a theological thesis of the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands).
Descartes Dock Appointment Scheduling(TM) , developed in response to the needs of a leading retailer, is a new solution based upon Descartes Visibility & Event Management(TM) that allows retailers, manufacturers and distributors to synchronize the flow of inbound shipments with their suppliers and related carriers;
Beginning with the premise that it is possible to doubt everything about existence and the perceived world, Descartes was intent on finding some point of certainty, or something about which he could claim he had direct knowledge, and then from this point starting a larger project of accruing knowable things.
Distinguishing between an earlier and a later Descartes, Gaukroger contends that Descartes began as a natural philosopher and not as a metaphysician or epistemologist.
We can also send electronic air shipment information to many more air carriers through Descartes which, in turn, helps those air carriers improve their own delivery processes for the benefit of our customers.
Etienne Gilson's demonstration that Descartes's philosophical vocabulary is affiliated with the scholastic traditions of the via antiqua and the via moderna has not prevented more recent commentators from continuing to understand Descartes as the fons et origo of a specifically modern mode of philosophizing.
The Descartes GLN, with over 1,400 North American truck carriers already connected, gives Williams & Associates quick access to the freight bills and other transportation-related messages it needs to provide high quality audit and payment services to its shipper customers.
An archived replay of the webcast will also be available through the Descartes website at http://www.
We are excited that so many of our customers who are leaders in their respective industries plan to share their knowledge with other Descartes customers," said Chris Jones, Descartes' Executive Vice President of Solutions and Markets.
Descartes' Multimodal Track & Trace service, delivered via the Descartes Global Logistics Network(TM) (GLN) gives Cargo Express the ability to track the current status of shipments across different transportation modes and carriers via a single interface.