Pierre-Joseph, French surgeon, 1744-1795. See: Desault bandage.
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Bernard where a monument was erected Descartes Rene Descartes (1596-1650), French philosopher, mathematician and scientist; often called the father of modern philosophy, especially epistemology Dessault Pierre Joseph Desault (1738-1795), French anatomist and eminent surgeon Duquesne Abraham Duquesne, Marquis du Quesne (1610-1688), French naval officer who decisively defeated the combined fleets of Spain and Holland in 1676 Fernel Jean Francois Fernel (1497-1558), French philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and physician (especially in the field of physiology) Fleury Jean Baptiste Fleury (1777-1843), discoverer of the venous canals of the cranial 1 23 bones.