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Because of its contract with the Colorado River Municipal Water District, the city of Odessa cannot seek other water sources, such as a desalinization plant, said Andrea Goodson, a spokeswoman for the city.
Material ranging from heavy construction equipment to an entire desalinization plant is originating from points throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and other nations in South America.
The plant will be a desalinization plant based on reverse osmosis technology.
For half that amount we could build 50 desalinization plants for our coastal cities to preserve rivers and aquifers for agriculture.
We are also working on power plants in China; we have done work with desalinization plants in the Middle East.
In the Gulf, countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have already turned to desalinization plants for most of their drinking water, but despite vague plans to build such plants in Yemen, none has yet materialized.
Several French groups have been already successful on major projects in many fields, such as the SATORP refinery in Jubail, Riyadh metro and bus networks, power stations and desalinization plants.
The desalinization plants meet 99% of all water demands of the nation now.
The Hitachi Group said it plans to use the results of the joint research to expand business in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of seawater desalinization plants and their operation and management business.
In addition, these drought periods have put stress on, and often maxed out, Antigua and Barbuda's additional water resources that are supplied by various active desalinization plants.
Around the Caspian, Turkmenistan has three small desalinization plants and Kazakhstan one.
Rapid growth in demand for electricity and other services is the main catalyst behind a plethora of new energy and utility projects, including a planned doubling of the capacity of desalinization plants to two billion cubic meters annually.