Dermatophilus congolensis

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Der·ma·toph·i·lus con·go·len·sis

(dĕr-mă-tof'i-lŭs kon-gō-len'sis),
A species of motile, nonacid fast, aerobic to facultatively anaerobic, gram-positive bacteria; the etiologic agent of dermatophilosis; also causes proliferative dermatitis.
[dermato- + G. philos, fond]


a genus of bacteria in the family Dermatophilaceae.

Dermatophilus chelonae
causes skin lesions in turtles.
Dermatophilus congolensis
gram-positive, tapering filaments with right-angled branching, producing coccoid cells and flagellated, motile zoospores. Causes mycotic dermatitis, strawberry footrot, streptothricosis. Has many synonyms including D. dermatonomus, D. pedis, Polysepta, Nocardia, Streptothrix spp.