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any of the hormones produced by the adrenal cortex; also, their synthetic equivalents. Called also adrenocortical hormone and adrenocorticoid. All the hormones are steroids having similar chemical structures, but quite different physiologic effects. Generally they are divided into glucocorticoids (cortisol, cortisone, and corticosterone), mineralocorticoids (aldosterone and desoxycorticosterone, and also corticosterone) and androgens.

Patients who must take exogenous adrenal corticosteroids to supplement a deficit in endogenous cortisol or as a treatment for metastatic breast cancer should be thoroughly instructed in self-medication. Their needs are somewhat similar to those of the insulin-dependent diabetic patient. They should know the prescribed dosage and basic therapeutic action of the oral corticosteroid preparation they are taking and should be aware of the importance of taking the medication at the same time every day. The medication should never be discontinued abruptly for any reason. It is advisable that the patient carry an extra prescription when traveling, in case the supply is used up before returning home. These patients also need to wear some form of medical identification so that all health care professionals with whom they come in contact will know that they are receiving hormones of this kind. This includes dentists, oral surgeons, emergency department personnel, and others who might not be familiar with the patient's medical history.


/pred·ni·car·bate/ (pred″nĭ-kahr´bāt) a synthetic corticosteroid used topically for the relief of inflammation and pruritus in certain dermatoses.


a synthetic corticosteroid used topically for the relief of inflammation and pruritus in certain dermatoses.

prednicarbate (pred´nəkär´bāt),

n brand name: Dermatop Emollient Cream;
drug class: topical corticosteroid, group III potency;
action: possesses antipruritic, antiinflammatory actions;
uses: relief of inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses.
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Dermatop Emollient Cream (prednicarbate emollient cream 0.
The approval of Dermatop Emollient Cream down to the 1-year age group has some of the same advantages [as Verdeso Foam]--its being a safe product, and our now having data to give to parents showing this drug is safe," Dr.
The others are Eulexin, Nimotop, Relafen, Dermatop, Penetrex, and Cardiogen-82.
Cleared for marketing by the Therapeutic Products Programme (TPP), DERMATOP is available by prescription now in pharmacies throughout Canada, as an ointment or an emollient cream.
In clinical studies, DERMATOP Emollient Cream was shown to be significantly more effective than hydrocortisone cream 1% in the treatment of children with atopic dermatitis, one of the most common forms of eczema.
We are excited that DERMATOP Emollient Cream, unique among agents in its class, is approved for pediatric use and can help relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for young children with these disorders.
DERMATOP Ointment and Emollient Cream should be applied to affected areas of the skin twice daily.
Clinical Studies Show DERMATOP Is Effective, Well-Tolerated
DERMATOP is a "mid-level" topical corticosteroid that was developed to minimize the adverse reactions associated with corticosteroids, such as skin thinning or atrophy.
The drugs covered by the bills, besides Claritin, are: Daypro (from Searle for arthritis), Dermatop (from Ortho Dermatological Inc.
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