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Researchers have analysed the effects of a managerialist-market logic on the relationship between care organisations and their key stakeholders--care recipients, care workers and unpaid carers (King 2007)--and reviewed the conditions of the paid care workforce in community services in Australia, revealing deinstitutionalisation, deprofessionalisation, functional underemployment, and relatively poor pay (Meagher 2007).
As long ago as 1973, Haug's deprofessionalisation hypothesis painted a bleak picture of the new era of knowledge workers and their talents in the relentless drive towards competitive advantage (also see Holmes, 2008), in which process controls and performance measures will ultimately win out over more subjective notions of "doing a good job" (see Cunningham, 2008).
Clearly, teaching students about the distinctive characteristics of the profession they aspire to is vital for professional socialisation, but all too often this has led to protectionism and negative concerns of horizontal and vertical encroachment, deprofessionalisation and the emergence of what Donald Light called 'countervailing powers' (Dent, 2003; Light, 1993; Lupton, 1995).
I fully subscribe in the same way to Bob's critical reflections on a concept like "professional learning community," a concept that is very appealing at first sight, but that may serve very different agendas, some of them only contributing to teachers' deprofessionalisation (Kelchtermans, 2006, 2007b).
1995), 'Medi-Fraud, Managerialism and the Decline of Medical Autonomy: Deprofessionalisation and Proletarianisation Reconsidered', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology, vol.
In fact, much testing tends necessarily to foster the deprofessionalisation of teachers.
Failure to do this, Hargreaves cautions, will result in deprofessionalisation forces wresting control of curricula and pedagogical practices from teachers (witness recent calls for 'centralized curricula, and testing regimes', p.
The biggest de-motivator has been the deprofessionalisation of medicine brought about by protocols, guidelines and government targets,' said Dr Bogle.
Secondly, marketisation is associated with the deprofessionalisation of human services work.
Focusing on people employed in direct service delivery roles, I present evidence of deinstitutionalisation, deprofessionalisation, functional underemployment, and relatively poor pay for care workers.
This section explores the changing structure of primary employment in community service industries, discusses evidence for inferring trends towards deinstitutionalisation and deprofessionalisation, and addresses the question of care worker shortages.
Deprofessionalisation of care work in community services industries does not appear to be simply a symptom of changing employment structures in the labour market overall.