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Joseph, Belgian bacteriologist, 1857-1932. See: Denys-Leclef phenomenon, Denys-Drash syndrome.
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And after paying PS170,000 for the gleaming new vehicles for himself and wife Debbie, Denys declared: "As far as I am concerned, the Range Rover is the best car in the world, 100 per cent.
Denys Mallister, Cotter Pyke, Janos Slynt, Othell Yarwyck, Three-Finger Hobb and Dolorous Edd are in the fray.
They had an argument on the train which resulted in Ms Denys holding back to wait for Lewis to exit the station first.
10) Denys Wortman VIII, "Home," Welcome to the Two Worlds of Denys Wortman.
Denys, asking if the information is right, what solutions they think would help and how can the issues be addressed.
The couple have four children, Denys, 58, David, 57, Brenda, 55 and Albert, 50.
A prolific translator who has done as much as anyone to bring modern Arabic literature to the attention of English-speaking readers, Denys Johnson-Davies has here called upon the talents of several other translators to revise and expand his earlier Under the Naked Sky: Short Stories from the Arab World (American University in Cairo Press, 2000).
Matters aren't more more hopeful in Canada, where B-level porn stud Denys (Shawn Ashmore) cheats on his blood tests and ends up infecting the better part of Canada's blue-movie population.
Denys Lasdun declared that, in his design for his National Theatre building in London, he had 'abolished the facade', and you knew what he meant; however, the idea that walls (particularly long ones in concrete) could so easily avoid the meanings embedded in surface, appearance and impact is impossible to maintain.
We look forward to a win-win relationship," says Stephen Denys, vice president, sales and marketing for Pride Seeds.
SIR - Denys Morgan, manager for Wales of the Institution of Civil Engineers, quite rightly calls for a 'Great Transport Debate' in Wales in the Western Mail Integrated Transport supplement (September 22).
Directors such as Norman Jewison, David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan, Patricia Rozema, Don McKellar, Deepa Mehta and Denys Arcand, actors such as Graham Greene, Sheila McCarthy and Pascale Bussieres, producers such as Robert Lantos, Denise Robert and Roger Frappier, former director Wayne Clarkson and festival co-founders Bill Marshall, Henk Van de Kolk and Dusty Cohl all add their two-cents worth, bons roots and amusing anecdotes.