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CONTACT: Renee La Rue of Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, 517-347-5241, or Brian Henry of Porter Novelli, 312-856-8801/
The employers, dental plan carriers, and members all benefit when dental insurance companies communicate with their members on a regular basis.
Consumers have also benefited from UnitedHealthcare s vision and dental plan designs, which often feature low out-of-pocket costs, easy-to-use web resources and integrated benefit administration.
Founded in 2007 by a Florida dentist, Argus Dental Plan provides dental benefits that offer value and quality to all members.
With this unique plan, insured fees for major dental services, offered through the discount dental plan, are significantly reduced without drastically increasing the member's out-of-pocket costs.
Jackie Miller, executive director of the California Association of Dental Plans trade group, said she thought the fine was very large given the size of Laurel and its alleged violations.
You don't have to sell dental insurance--you just have to show it," said Gene Hallmark, president of Hallmark Insurance Services in Florida, who has found success in the sales of work-site dental plans, particularly through his new Web site, www.
Delta Dental Plan of California has about 13 million customers.
The DSA is similar to "Direct Reimbursement" or "Direct Assignment" plans, which offer dental benefits on a cost basis versus the traditional dental plan based on cumbersome insurance codes.
20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- UnitedHealthcare ranks highest in customer satisfaction with dental plan providers, performing particularly well in the coverage, cost, communications and customer service factors, according to the J.
Nicholas Kavouklis DMD, president of Argus Dental Plan, offers these five tips for business leaders who are selecting a dental plan for their companies: