dental armamentarium

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den·tal ar·ma·men·ta·ri·um

(dentăl ahrmă-men-tarē-ŭm)
The equipment and instruments used in the delivery of dental care.
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The purpose of the tender is to conclude a framework agreement with one contractor for the benefit of the provision of dental instruments and consumables for the dental practices and dental buses within DJI.
10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite provocative reporting and sensational headlines, the American Association of Endodontists today said there is no evidence that Alzheimer's disease can be spread from person to person by direct contact, or through any dental procedures or dental instruments.
He said the fair will focus on textile fabrics and garments, home textile, bed linen, including bed sheets and covers, towels, curtains etc, rice fruit and vegetables and other food products, sports goods, surgical and dental instruments, carpets and rugs, leather garments, and leather goods, footwear, sanitary wares, gems and Jewellery, handicrafts (Trade Development Wooden/Metallic, Onyx and Marble etc), herbal products, cosmetics and healthcare.
The 27-year-old, who is a former Coventry University student, now provides bespoke dental instruments and kits to private surgeries in the UK through his website www.
Pro-Dex makes powered rotary drive surgical and dental instruments used primarily in the orthopedic, spine, maxocranial facial and dental markets.
There are no supporting documents on the acquisition of small disposable dental instruments.
it's almost as if it has become a trend and one of the contributing factors is a failure to clean dental instruments properly.
com)-- The Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4), is awarding $200,000 to Denver-based Sapphire Technology, LLC, for funding and management assistance in developing its proprietary dental instruments.
Sheen had an adverse reaction to the combination of nitrous oxide and pain medication he was taking for a shoulder injury and that Sheen knocked over dental instruments, Ballard said Thursday.
Children will enjoy a comfortable atmosphere while becoming acquainted with medical and dental instruments used during real examinations.
Concerns were raised over dental instruments not being sterilised properly.
It can be used in conjunction with Basic Guide to Dental Instruments or a similar work.