dental armamentarium

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den·tal ar·ma·men·ta·ri·um

(dentăl ahrmă-men-tarē-ŭm)
The equipment and instruments used in the delivery of dental care.
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Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, LLC is a privately held company that produces dental instruments and products distributed in more than 80 countries with offices in Germany, Italy, India, China and Japan.
In a pocket-sized, spiral-bound textbook and reference, Phinney and Halstead provide dental assistant students the basic knowledge necessary regarding dental instruments, and allow them to view each instrument and learn its uses, parts, and other miscellaneous information.
Nondisposable items like dental instruments are cleaned and sterilized between patients, while disposable dental instruments and needles are tossed.
The brand name Unident Swiss is synonymous with Swiss quality and offers a full range of products for dental instruments, surfaces, hands, suction systems and impressions.
DIPC is where all of the cleaning and sterilizing of dental instruments takes place.
AM Medicare will help sell Care and Cure's surgical and dental instruments, hollow wares, hospital furniture and diagnostic instruments under the brand name "AM Surgical".
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistani surgical and dental instruments displayed in International Healthcare Conference and Exhibition 2012 has attracted a large number of visitors and buyers visiting the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).
This well-organized guide begins with basic dental instruments used in general dental practice (including dental hygiene instruments), moves through the instruments used in dental specialty practices (endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics) and ends with sterilization, dental materials, and dental radiography equipment.
All types of dental instruments are described and photographed, including enamel cutting instruments, dental handpieces, and tools for endodontics, hygiene and oral surgery.
He then forcibly opened her mouth, took out his dental instruments and removed the work worth pounds 320.
Medical and dental instruments are composed of a variety of materials, some that can withstand repeated applications of heat and chemical treatment, and others that will fail, quickly and completely, upon such exposures.
The woman, who had been in a dental chair, started screaming and pulling dental instruments off a tray and putting them in her purse, workers said.