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Joseph, Belgian bacteriologist, 1857-1932. See: Denys-Leclef phenomenon, Denys-Drash syndrome.
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Brand advised Denis to withdraw his candidacy "so as to maintain the strictly confidential nature of Rome's refusal, for the present and the future.
Denis and Ewan have worked together several times on stage and on film, most recently when they starred in Perfect Sense.
Denis stars as villainous Ministry of Defence boss Thomson, who tries to manipulate research into artificial intelliegence.
He would play some incredible shots and take what you thought were incredible risks but Denis was good enough to play like that.
Denis is now a press relations officer at Charles Hollywood, a Darlington advertising agency, after completing six weeks' work experience there.
But with the water too deep to stand up and the embankment being 40ft high, Denis could not pull the man out of the canal by himself.
Denis said: 'It was only because of the love and care of his 'queen' and the staff at both hospitals that we had him for as long as we did.
Sir Denis was asked whether it was the treachery that appalled him.
After a spell of con valescence in a spa hotel, Sir Denis travelled to South Africa, where his son Mark lives, to recuperate.
DENIS'S DAY: 'True gent' Sir Denis, aged 85, has never gained a degree but he now joins Lady Thatcher, aged 75, in holding a doctorate.
Denis remarked, "PPM has been a labor of love for me since 1988, and it has been an honor and a privilege to serve as its President and CEO for the past 18 years.
So if we start campaigning and form-filling now we might manage a knighthood for Denis in the Birthday Honours of 2015