Delta Dental Plan

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Delta Dental Plan, an active member organization of the Delta Dental Plans Association (a not-for-profit organization), formed and guided by state dental societies to provide prepaid dental care to the public on a group basis.
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Delta Dental Plan of Indiana is operated by the Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, which also operates Delta Dental Plan of Ohio.
Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas is a nonprofit corporation that provides dental services to business employees in Arkansas.
5 million (the University of Louisville School of Dentistry received tho other half), which is the largest gift in the college's history, for the Delta Dental Plan of Kentucky Clinical Research Center.
Delta Dental Plan of California has about 13 million customers.
DDMI, the second largest member of the Delta Dental Plans Association, has maintained its market dominance through provider network advantage, its reputation for high quality service and technological innovations.
By welcoming Delta Dental Plan of Puerto Rico into our group of dental plans, we look to extend dental benefits to many more Puerto Rican residents and businesses, consistent with our effort throughout our enterprise to offer dental benefits tailored specifically for Spanish-speaking enrollees," said Gary D.
Richard Hastreiter, dental director and vice president of oral health analytics at Delta Dental Plan of Minnesota.
Fleszar has been appointed president and chief executive officer of the affiliated Delta Dental Plans of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.
For more information, call Delta Dental Plans Association at (630) 574-6855.
We selected iMIS because it allows us to combine both the web and data in one common database, and provides us with the collaboration, document management and event capabilities critical to our operations," said Sam Hart, director, IT of Delta Dental Plans Association.
The survey, conducted on behalf of the Delta Dental Plans Association, also indicated that nearly nine out of 10 parents (87%) say children's dental care is equally as important as medical care.