Delleman, J.W.

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J.W., 20th century Dutch ophthalmologist and geneticist.
Delleman syndrome - rare malformation syndrome characterized by orbital cysts, microphthalmia, and cerebral malformations. Synonym(s): Delleman-Oorthuys syndrome
Delleman-Oorthuys syndrome - Synonym(s): Delleman syndrome
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Our patient had accessory tragi as a presenting feature which can also be found in various other syndromes like Trecher-Collins syndrome, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, Nager's acrofacial dysostosis, Wildervanck syndrome, Townes-Brocks Syndrome and Delleman syndrome.
These are Delleman syndrome, Goldenhar syndrome, Haberland syndrome, and Townes-Brock syndrome.
For example; aplasia cutis, lack of auricular abnormalities, and the presence of neurologic abnormalities usually distinguish Delleman syndrome from the closely related Goldenhar syndrome.