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1. cash on delivery
2. cause of death
3. collect on delivery


abbreviation for cause of death.


Cause of death


scrotum and contents.

cod fat
a mass of fat around the inguinal part of the cord; reaches its greatest development in castrated ruminants.
cod lock
wool from the scrotum; usually heavily stained with yolk.


cystic ovarian degeneration.

Patient discussion about COD

Q. Have you heard of CoD(tm) Tea and Nutritional System to treat cancer? Does it apply to brain cancer too? There have already been 6 brain tumors. A friend told me about this tea that's supposed to help, in addition to chemo, against malignant tumors. Have any of you heard of it? If it works, why is there so little research about it?

A. I'm OK - it's my mom. We live from MRI to MRI (a month to the next one) LOL.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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The study recommended that trades be settled promptly (no later than three business days after the trade date or T+3), in same-day funds, and according to the principle of delivery versus payment.
The adoption of standardized settlement periods and a delivery versus payment standard,
The proposal is presented in a white paper - CNS Settlement as Delivery Versus Payment in DTC (CNS for Value) - issued to the industry today.
Bourses in Qatar and UAE have announced plans to implement the global standard Delivery Versus Payment (DvP) settlement system, seeking upgrades from index compiler MSCI which could attract index funds.
He added that DFM's efforts and initiatives to further enhance its infrastructure in line with international best practices such as Delivery versus Payment (DvP), Buyer Cash Compensation and Market Making, have been decisive in the upgrade of the UAE to Emerging Market status by international companies such as MSCI and S&P Dow Jones.
The two systems will be connected using Model 1 Delivery Versus Payment (DVP), said Mike Hawkins, Exec.
Insist on Delivery versus Payment and Third-Party Safekeeping.
Market participants recognized that the Qatari authorities and the Qatar Exchange have made significant progress in enhancing the operational efficiency of the Delivery Versus Payment ( DVP ) model.
With more and more foreign investors looking to buy and sell in the UAE, clearly the newly implemented delivery versus payment (DVP) system, introduced as part of the MSCI criteria, has now been more fully tested," he said.
The two Gulf states, rejected last year for an upgrade, have moved to address key issues cited in MSCI's 2010 review by introducing a Delivery versus Payment (DvP) settlement system.