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(dĕl′bro͝ok′, -brük′), Max 1906-1981.
German-born American biologist. He shared a 1969 Nobel Prize for investigating the mechanism of viral infection in living cells.
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Schachter, supra note 67, at 293 (dismissing the existence of a right to humanitarian intervention by emphasizing the importance of rejecting the idea that force may be used unilaterally to achieve laudable ends such as freedom, self rule, and human rights); Delbruck, supra note 57, at 897 (dismissing the existence of a right to humanitarian intervention by pointing out that currently under general international law, there is no legal basis for military enforcement mechanisms "in cases of grave violations of human rights"); see also Ian Brownlie, Humanitarian Intervention, in LAW AND CIVIL WAR IN THE Modern World 217, 218 (John Norton Moore ed.
On his part, Delbruck said: "This contract represents a significant step in the development of our global growth strategy and is a major achievement in forging a long-term partnership with the State of Qatar.
Speaking at a ceremony in Doha, Christopher Delbruck, CEO of E.
Lacan's first Seminar more or less coincided with the discovery of the structure of DNA, the first highlight / milestone of molecular biology (the field brought into existence by Schrodinger and Delbruck, as we have seen).
Delbruck, Max, "Un fisico se asoma a la biologia", en Antologia de biologia molecular, Mexico, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1985.
LGT Bank Deutschland has a strong fit with Delbruck Bethmann Maffei, as both banks have similar business models.
The question concerning the precise temporal and aspectual values of the Rigvedic present, aorist, and perfect stems has been a vexed one, producing a range of different interpretations by such scholars as Berthold Delbruck, Jan Gonda, Karl Hoffmann, Peter Arnold Mumm, Eva Tichy, and Paul Kiparsky, among others.
ABN Amro will integrate LGT Bank Deutschland into its fully owned private banking subsidiary Delbruck Bethmann Maffei, boosting the unita[euro](tm)s managed assets to around EUR20bn (USD27.
There is an historical precedent for this: the physicist Max Delbruck and his colleagues applied physical chemistry to nucleic acids and gene expression, thereby laying the foundations of molecular biology.
Max Delbruck Centre for Molecular Medicine meeting on Wnt signaling in Development and Disease.
Those who wrote about it at all, such as Hans Delbruck, did so in quasi-philosophical terms.
Apparently not bothering to mention non-notables, Larson begins an illustrative list of notables with whom Dodd had affairs: Putzi Hanfstaengl from the government press office; Luftwaffe flying ace Ernst Udet; third secretary of the French Embassy Armand Berard, who initially treated the sexually precocious Dodd like a "sexual ingenue"; biophysicist and future Nobel Prize winner Max Delbruck, who looked like "a young Gregory Peck"; Gestapo chief Rudolph Diels, who was reputed to be "sexually talented and experienced" himself (113-16); and finally, her true love, Soviet Embassy diplomat and agent of the NKVD (forerunner to the KGB), Boris Winogradov (120, 127).