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Dejerine and Ceillier were the first to describe periarticular ossification in patients with severe head injury.
Fransiz norolog Dejerine 1892 yilinda ani gelisen parsiyel bir aleksi olgusunu bildirmistir.
This book is another IASP publication that collates the research papers and presentations from an IASP-sponsored symposium held in Canada in June 2006 to mark the centenary of the first comprehensive description of "thalamic syndrome" by Dejerine and Roussy in 1906.
Nevertheless, any accounting of learning disabilities, positive or negative, must take into account the existence of descriptive reports dating back to the 19th century or earlier (see Anderson & Meier-Hedde, 2001; Berlin, 1887; Dejerine, 1892; Hinshelwood, 1896; Kussmaul, 1877), the proliferation of professional and advocacy organizations, such as the Council for Learning Disabilities, the Division for Learning Disabilities of the Council for Exceptional Children, and the Learning Disabilities Association of America, and the thousands of service providers who not only testify to the existence of learning disabilities but also advocate for improved services (see Scruggs & Mastropieri, 1988).
Nevertheless, the data from these patients in conjunction with ours suggest that alexic syndromes may be task-specific, such as the relation between printed text and oral naming when the lesion is similar to that described by Dejerine (1892).