Otto F.K., German anatomist, 1834-1863. See: Deiters cells, Deiters terminal frames, Deiters nucleus, deiterospinal tract.
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This research report includes key manufacturers analysis of Tereos Syrol (FR), Roquette (FR) , MGP Ingredients (US), ADM (US), Cargill (US), Semino (AR), Permolex (US), Chamtor (FR), Crespel & Deiters GmbH (DE), Crop Energies (BE), Sedamyl (IT), Kroener Staerke (DE), Amilina (LTU), Manidra Group (US), White Energy (US), Jaeckering (DE), Agridient (NL), Dengfeng Grainergy Agricultural Development (CN) and Anhui Reapsun Food (CN) .
Deiters, while pursuing graduate studies in international relations at the University of Amsterdam, came to India to investigate a growing number of suicides among poor farmers.
Teyhen DS, Miltenberger CE, Deiters HM, Del Toro YM, Pulliam JN, Childs JD, Boyles RE, Flynn TW (2005) The use of ultrasound imaging of the abdominal drawing-in maneuver in subjects with low back pain.
Flamme GA, Stephenson MR, Deiters K, Tatro A, VanGessel D, Geda K, et al.
The many textbooks and references on phase equilibrium thermodynamics that have appeared over the past century have paid little attention to high pressure, say Deiters and Kraska (physical chemistry, U.
This pushes the risk onto the universities, so they can have an incentive to keep their tuition down," says Kevin Deiters, director of the Educational Opportunities and Investment department of the Texas Comptroller.
60, the Werther Quartet, which takes its name from Brahms's own characterization of it in letters to his friends Hermann Deiters and Theodore Billroth: "Imagine a man who is about to shoot himself, and for whom there is no other way out," and "An illustration, as it were, to the last chapter of the man in a blue swallow-tail coat and yellow waistcoat" (p.
Lance Deiters, KHI shop foreman, and Stacy Johnson, KHI director of competition, shared crew chief duties.
ILLINOIS -- Keith Briscoe, Jerry Dawson, William Deiters, Laurence R.
Deiters, doctoral thesis at the Universitat of Hannover (1993).
Juliet Haslam increased Australia's lead in the 56th minute, but a penalty-corner rebound goal by Julie Deiters six minutes later gave the home side some hope as they pulled it back to 3-2.