Karl K., Russian physician, 1851-1927. See: Dehio test.
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For more on andachtsbild see Georg Dehio, Geschichte der deutschen Kunst, vol.
The terra was first used to describe the German Empire by Ludwig Dehio, "Das sterbende Staatensystem," in: L Dehio (ed.
Ludwig Dehio, The Precarious Balance (London: Chatto and Windus, 1963), pp.
The NEUE WIENER WERKSTAETTE presents selected design-pieces at the Austrian Pavilion at the ICFF New York from 18-21 May, 2013 in Hall 1, BOOTH 1018: Lounge Chair "FX10" and "M3 Chair" by Designer Thomas Feichtner and "Hockerbank" by Designer Johanna Dehio.
Another project of the 1930s, an inventory of English buildings inspired by what Georg Dehio had done for Germany, crystallised from 1950 as his supreme achievement, The Buildings of England (1951-74).
It should be noted as well that the Renaissance movement to present Christ in human form, particularly in a state of misery rather than of glory, was not limited to the Mediterranean world; studies on Renaissance art in the Holy Roman Empire show a similar trend: Bauerreiss, passim; Wagner, 77ff; and Dehio, 182.
A nationalist socialist author who disapproved was Hans Gerhard Evers, "Georg Dehio und Alois Riegl im Gesprach uber die Denkmalpflege," in Tod, Macht und Raum als Bereiche der Architektur (Munich: Neuer Filser-Verlag, 1939) pp.
No one wants to look at a huge spreadsheet," said Peter Dehio, vice president of global sourcing at United Stationers.
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The deer ked has a fairly extensive area of distribution including Europe, some parts of Siberia, northern China, and Algeria in northern Africa, and it has been introduced into North America (see Maa 1969, Dehio et al.
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