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To leak fluid from, as in a breast implant
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Ground crew members finally managed to grab the balloon and deflate it.
Specifically, the Complaint alleges that the defendants perpetrated a fraud upon the market for shares of Coram common stock, by circulating materially false and misleading statements and/or omissions in press releases and otherwise, designed to artificially deflate the market price of Coram stock, in furtherance of a plan designed to deprive its stockholders of the value of their equity in the said stock, and provide for Coram's emergence from bankruptcy proceedings as a "privately held company," depriving plaintiffs and the proposed class of Coram stockholders of fair compensation for the value of their Coram common stock.
IRE's SafeNet technology will use the DEFLATE algorithm to perform compression.
Washington has an obligation to identify - publicly - whatever real dangers still exist and to deflate rumors, even possible public hysteria, about imagined ones.
MCI Worldcom denied the possibility of a merger between the two companies in order to artificially deflate the market price of SkyTel common stock and later acquire SkyTel at a lower price.
Some implants deflate (or rupture) in the first few months after being implanted and some deflate after several years; yet others are intact 10 or more years after the surgery.
Some operators seem to think it's necessary to deflate the air springs before tilting the cab.
The new system, known as Transcalm, is made from rubber and contains a fast working air valve which can deflate the hump.
We will not hesitate to deflate and debunk pure political hokum.
Initially the idea of a moveable wall that could inflate and deflate was explored, but because of the potential for wear and tear, a static solution was developed.
Petronio's turns metamorphose into startling leaps without warning, then deflate just as unexpectedly into precocious, sensual noodling.
Under the direct deflation method, a terms of trade index (usually defined as the price index for all exports, divided by the price index for all imports) is used to directly deflate the nominal trade balance.