Defence Wound

A wound sustained when a victim places a hand (often the palms), arm (lateral forearms) or other body part in harm’s way to prevent or minimise the impact of a blow or slashing by a sharp weapon
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The 54-year-old also had injuries to his head where Doyle had tried to stab him and a typical defence wound to the hand.
He added: "Peter did appear to have a defence wound to his hand and certainly more than one shot was fired.
Defence wounds showed Anarda and Amanda had fought for their lives.
There were defence wounds and bruises showing she'd bravely tried to fight her attacker off.
Miss Armstrong had defence wounds, which is very significant.
Blood found in the house and defence wounds on the victim's body indicated Mr Green had tried in vain to escape and to fight off his attacker.
He said: "Whitney's body shows classic defence wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life.
She was then treated at the city's Royal Infirmary for cuts, bruises, a chipped thigh bone and numerous defence wounds on her arms.
Mr Donne said Ms Ryba suffered eight potentially fatal stab wounds and 18 slashes including defence wounds to her arms.
Jay spent two nights in hospital and suffered bruising to his head and defence wounds on his arms.
State pathologist Eleni Antoniou said the 47-year-old had been stabbed 27 times all over her body, 10 of which were superficial including defence wounds on her hands.
The wounds to her hand are suggestive of what are sometimes referred to as defence wounds," he said.